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  • Discover The Pride Pharmacy Difference and the top reasons to switch to this local Oak Lawn TX drugstore.
  • Pride Pill Pak – The easiest and safest way to organize your daily medications, from Pride Pharmacy.
  • This rapid healing scar cream heals skin with almost no trace of damage or injury.
  • Custom Pet Med Compounding

Breakthrough in Medication Delivery! 

Free Delivery in the DFW Area

Pride Pill Pak™ - An easier and safer way to manage daily medications, from Pride Pharmacy

scares repair, scar cream, like it never happened

Treats new and old scars

Like the Scar Never Ever Happened

New Scar Cream Treatment. NovoSolutionsMD Scar Cream is the Most Scientifically Advanced Scar Cream on the Market! Learn more

Making Medication a Treat for Pets!

Did you know that pet meds can come in Tuna & Beef flavors to make it easier to improve the health and happiness of your pet.  For More Information ask the Pharmacist or click here

The Art & Science of keeping your lifestyle

Custom Testosterone Rx Compounding 

The ageless art with the latest medical knowledge using state-of-the-art technology, allowing our specially trained professionals to prepare customized medications to meet each patient’s specific needs

Do You Take Multiple Medicines Daily?

Our easy-to-open Pride Pak combines all of your medications into small packets, each marked with the dosage prescribed and date & time to be taken. Never forget another medication! Get Free Home Delivery sent you automatically! No Hassle, No More Trips to the Pharmacy!

See Pride Pill Paks in Action!

Pride Pharmacy is centrally located at 4015 Lemmon Avenue Suite 4001 (Next to Fit Foods) in the Oak Lawn / Uptown Dallas Texas Area. we take PRIDE in our friendly professional pharmacists. If you take multiple medications daily and are tired of counting pills please contact us about our Pride Pill Pak program and never count pills again. If you own pets, we can provide your pet meds and if you have problems giving your pets pills we are introducing Pet Rx compounding to make it easier to keep your pets healthier and happier. Call us today on 214.954.7389. 

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